Utility-scale energy

Solar generated at costs below any alternative anywhere

Utility Solution

Heliac produces, delivers, and installs solar fields based on our low‐cost, high‐efficiency lenses.

The solar fields are designed for fast installation, simple integration, and at costs sufficiently low to compete with the marginal costs of heat generated from other sources.

‍The solar fields generate heat in integration with other heat‐generating systems, such as furnaces powered by fossil fuels or biomass.

More Details

Current Project

Heliac's first full-scale Solar Field installation will be installed in Lendemarke, Denmark.

With an expected annual production of 2,000 MWh CO2-free district heat, the plant covers Lendemarke’s heat demand during the summer months and 20% throughout the year.

The solar field covers an area of 10,000 m2.

Our current lens production capacity is able to meet energy demands anywhere in the world.