Heliac Utility Solution

Heliac produces and sells polymer foil based solar concentrators for utility-scale installations. Our focus is Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) for medium-to-large-scale automated installations (for solar thermal and combined heat and power plants).

Our solution is as efficient as parabolic solar fields, but at a fraction of the cost. In fact at a fraction of the cost of any other method of producing heat in utility scale.

Our present production capacity is more than the accumulated global installed capacity to date.

Heliac Utility Solution
2MW Plant

2MW Plant

In collaboration with E.On, Heliac's first full-scale CSP installation is undergoing construction for the second half of 2018 in Lendemarke, Denmark.

With an expected annual production of 1,900 MWh CO2-free district heat, the plant will cover Lendemarke’s heat demand during the summer months and 20% throughout the year. The solar field will cover an area of 2,900 m2.

This project is supported by Markedsmodningsfonden.

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