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CO2-free heat supply

High temperature solar solutions for the industry and district heating

Heliac Solar Tracker

Our technology is as efficient as any solar heat solution. With 1.5 MW installed and operating for E.ON in Denmark, Heliac is ushering a new era of heat production through paradigm shifting performance and economics.


Solar heat at costs below fossil fuel

Heliac’s goal is to offer the world solar heat at costs below fossil fuels anywhere. This takes reinvention of how solar heat is produced, how it is sold, and how it is integrated into other energy producing solutions.

The best of everything in one panel

To radically change the economics of solar thermal there need to be changes made to conventional solar technology.

With a clean-sheet, first principles approach, Heliac has developed a solar solution that excels in performance, costs and versatility, thereby having the potential to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of global process industries.


Milestones already achieved


All current demonstration data supports the projected performance and economics of the innovative solution.


The full-scale demonstration plant continuously produce heat according to expectations. Every MWh produced is a validation of performance and usability.


Tooling built and tested to meet any size of demand anywhere.


Manufacturing processes proven, and certifiable materials selected.

Interested in joining Heliac?

Heliac changes the world of energy.

If you are experienced, top-of-your-class with a technical or commercial background and deep insights into specific industries that can benefit from Heliac’s solution, then join us to accelerate the change.

Please forward your CV and a cover letter explaining the opportunities you see and how you can help us realize them. We'd love to hear from you!

Market Insights

Electricity is just one part of the puzzle

You are in the same boat as possibly most other people - but nevertheless wrong - if you think the world will become a clean, carbon emission free place as soon as most energy demanding processes have been electrified and powered by solar cells and wind turbines.

Decarbonizing Industrial Heat

13-14% of global carbon emissions are caused by heat-driven industrial processes up to 400ºC/750ºF. Annually, these emissions increase at more than double the rate of emissions from transport, electricity, and buildings.

Combining Heat & Power

Wind turbines and solar cells generate electricity. Electricity can also be produced by solar panels that - like magnifying glasses - concentrate sunlight to high temperatures. This article compares use-cases and their consequent economics.

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