Clean, affordable cooking energy
to as many people as possible as fast as possible

High performance solar cooker that can be a real alternative to biomass


Boils 1 liter of water in around 10 minutes.


Solar cookers produce no polluting gas and carbon emission.


Safe and sustainable design. The cooker can be used over many years. Only the lens needs to be periodically replaced.


Cooking options: Boiling,frying, steaming, etc.

Low cost

Low-cost, high-performance lenses. Other materials are widely available in the local market.

Problems of biomass-based inefficient cooking

  • Globally, 3 billion people rely on energy sources such as wood, charcoal and dung for cooking.
  • Household air pollution contributes to 4 million premature deaths every year. Women and young children are the most affected.
  • Household cooking produces 25% of global black carbon.
  • Logging for charcoal production accelerates deforestation.
  • Many people spend up to 5 hours collecting firewood every day. They are missing opportunities for education and income-generating activities.

How the Heliac Solar Cooker works


Power Source: Light-Concentrating Lens

Micro-sized lens structures concentrate sunlight to produce heat for cooking in the same way magnifying glasses focus sunlight. One solar cooker lens produces up to 1 kW.


Mirror-lens alignment system

The lenses focus the sunlight. The concentrated sunlight hits a mirror which reflects the light towards the cooking plate and produce heat for cooking.


The cookers for the trial were produced by the local manufacturers. Heliac Solar Cookers are suitable for local production and social businesses or activities such as communal kitchen projects and women’s group activities.

To reach as many people as possible as fast as possible, we are also looking for strong partners who can produce, distribute, market, and/or sell the cookers in large quantities to end-users around the world.

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Tested in the world

The cooker has been tested in India, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia by local people.

Users like the high performance, comfort of cooking and easy maintenance of the cooker. Most users decided to keep their cookers after the trial period. Their cookers are used for cafés, in schools and for daily cooking.

User's voice

I love my cooker. I can do so much with it!

― Christine, Zambia

It’s competitive to firewood because it has high power.

― Godfrey, Kenya

We got a new family member – Heliac Solar Cooker

― Parvatiben, India

It is amazing to cook with solar power. Easy and good for the environment.

― A student in India

Heliac Solar Cooker is attractive because it resembles an electric cooking stove. Elegant.

― Rosa, Zambia
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