Heliac is a startup company founded in 2014

We are 7 employees with background within optics, polymer processing and nanotechnology. Heliac is a member of the Global Alliance Clean Cookers backed by the United Nations.

Our Latest Blog Posts

Our Working Process

Developing polymer foil based solar reflectors


To make solar power available for everyone through low-cost focusing polymer foils.


Focusing polymer foils can be used for small handheld units, such as the SMILE delivering around 1 kW or larger automated systems where each unit delivers up to 50 kW heat.


Through our novel mass-fabrication method, well-defined anti-reflective nanostructures and micro-mirrors can be integrated in polymer foils at almost no extra cost allowing for light control with very low losses.


Solar cooking, water sterilization and distillation.

District heating, absorbtion cooling and steam.

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